Adrian Slim

Yamil “Adrian” Slim. Singer/Songwriter/ Guitar Player & Producer. Adrian was born in East Los Angeles, to immigrant parents Yamil Slim Sr & Alicia Maria Slim, older sibling Alice rounded out the family. Music was always front & center in the Slim household, whether it was his parents busting out some Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Herb Albert or his sister Alice & a little Adrian sharing a room & playing all the Mowtown & Archie 45s they could get their hands on. So I guess it was no surprise that at age 5 he announced to the family “I wanna play guitar” So thus began his musical journey, first with drawing lines on paper boxes & strumming and signing Osmond & Jackson 5 songs. Next, guitar lessons. After many years of wood shedding he started playing back yard parties & High Schools at age 15, graduating to the club scene by age 17 with his bands Cry & Risqué. At age 20 he joined the local LA band Little Tokyo, which at the time was one of the biggest local bands. Playing all the major venues of the day, The Whiskey, The Troubadour & The Country Club. This also was the beginning of his friendship & songwriting collaboration with local Guitar virtuoso & Keyboardist Brian Icamen, which continues to this day. But, after several years with Tokyo. Adrian decided being a backup player wasn’t for him, so he branched out on his own to start his own band. It took several years, but after searching & auditioning many local musicians. He was able to secure a strong line up he was comfortable with. The Adrian Slim band hit the streets running in the winter of 1987 & within a couple of years were head lining all the major venues of the day. These days, Adrian is happy writing, recording & producing younger artist. Spending time with his family & as always, playing one of his guitars.